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Hardwood flooring refinishing and renovations

For homeowners how have hardwood flooring in place, you probably already know that you will need to have them maintained at some point. In cases where you’ve purchased a home with existing floors, options for maintenance can change a bit. We’re going to look at the difference between refinishing and renovating.

For professional services like these, it’s a great idea to get a good deal of information upfront. It helps you to know what to expect, how you can prepare, and ways you can hasten the process. The result is not only the tremendous looking floors but also the incredible peace of mind.

To refinish or renovate your hardwood floors?

You might be wondering which service is going to work best for your flooring. Every service is a personalized and tailored experience, so the answer to that will be dependent on your specific circumstances. Here are a few ideas about both processes that can steer you in the right direction.

Hardwood flooring refinishing is the most common procedure. This is most often used to strip away wear such as scratches, dings, or abuse, but it can also be used simply to change stain color or finish type to match a changing trend or décor option. This process can be carried out several times throughout your floor’s lifespan.

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Renovation is a process that involves a much deeper plan and can involve subfloor repairs and more. Renovating a wood floor would be a service you might procure if you purchased a historic home and want to save as much of the original flooring as possible. But it’s used for many other homes, for many different reasons as well.

Both services involve sanding hardwood floors to remove the surface wear or damage. We can further discuss the sanding process, how you can prepare for it, and what you can expect afterward. No matter which service you choose, we’ll make sure the results are something you can be proud of for years to come.

Elliot Carpet & Tile is proud to serve the communities of Metairie, Kenner, Elmwood, River Ridge, and Harahan, LA, all from our showroom in Metairie, Louisiana. When you visit us there, we’ll make sure that your every flooring need is considered and taken care of before you leave. When you need hardwood refinishing or hardwood renovation, we’ll be right there to help you all along the way